Thursday, October 30, 2008

First snow

There has been snow in the mountains and frost here since September, but today was our first real snow. Only 8 more months before it melts!!! No, actually I love the winters here. They are much more enjoyable than Chicago winters. People are so surprised that it is colder in Chicago than here in the Arctic Circle. The winter temperature hovers around 25-30F and fortunately there is no "wind chill" to factor in. With lots of snow and "mild" temperatures, it is perfect for playing in the snow!


tekeal said...

we had our first snowfall too... actually it started the night before, and magically stayed on the ground till morning- but for the kids, it was their first time to make balls and for livia to put it in her mouth- this year. coming from snowy winters in canada, i'm always waiting here for a real winter to arrive, and since i don't get into the mountains much, i never really feel like it does. your version of winter sounds perfect for lots of fun, but a tad bit long... enjoy!

and loved the story about the hat at childcare.

Heather said...

What??!! That's crazy!! :O