Wednesday, October 15, 2008

still sleepy, happy birthday to me, when will he start talking?

local down's group

my birthday present-
MARISSA arrives from san francisco

marissa came bearing gifts- 3 kilos of finnish chocolate,
an ipod charger, cointraeu for margaritas, and lots more!


ok , it is midnight and rio is crying so we made our guest from san francisco go in to him!!! she rocks!

so life...i heard rio cry last night at 4:30 this morning and i just couldn't sleep after that. i started worrying about phoenix's biting. and how it relates to his delayed speech. he bites because he has no other way to communicate or initiate play. i think he really just wants to get their attention so they can play. he usually bites the kids he likes best and, naturally, they won't want to play with him if he keeps biting. so i'm worried. i got up and read, tried to find some answers, some way to make him HURRY UP AND START TALKING! but, ugh, patience, patience.

the rest of my day...woke up SUPER TIRED because i was up all night reading, busy day at the daycare...disco ball, ABBA, practicing cutting, a hike to the lavvo. then ran home, tried to nurse rio, he refused, i'm sad, took a cab to a downs meeting. fun to meet up with everyone, especially parents of 6 month old. came home, gave the boys their fish oil, threw them in their beds, tried to pick up AND THEN MY FRIEND ARRIVED FROM SAN FRANCISCO! all the way up here in the arctic circle! what a great birthday present!


The Milroy Family said...

Happy happy happy birthday Cortina!!!

Sorry you had a rough day but glad your friend arrived! Have fun!

tekeal said...

hey- happy birthday fom bern! enjoy your friend...she's surely help you get back the energy you've lost from lack of sleep.

have you been doing speech therapy with your qt? if so, since when, how often, what do you do? curious how things go up where you are, especially as we've been investigating what's the best to support livia with this.


Sari said...

Oh wow! I just posted about Sam's speech delay and then came over to read your happenings and here we are. Hang in there-I so feel you!

Your day sounds tiring but wonderful :)enjoy Marissa!

Syncopa said...

Happy Birthday! A little late, I know. I was out of town and didn't have internet access.

Phoenix will start talking. Just about the time when you wake up thinking you will definitely lose your wits this very day, is probably going to be the day when he says something other than mama. I've been there. It's hard. But it will get better. Bene is 8 1/2 now, and finally she's talking enough to make my ears get tired from the nagging. You and P will get there, too.
You will also wake up to see the day that you'll send your DS son to a time-out for being a big-mouth, and wonder how the hell he learned to say that word, because it sure as heck wasn't in speech therapy! ;-)

He'll get there. You'll almost go crazy waiting for him to get there. It's ok to get frustrated and worry. We all do. I think it's part of the deal.