Tuesday, October 28, 2008

sleepy, sleepy- maybe its the darkness

i took this picture when i picked up the boys at pre-school today. it was 4pm! i had to wear my reflector vest it was so dark! the light is actually one of many street lights that they have on the playground so that the kids don't have to play in complete darkness. hilarious! still, i really appreciate that no matter the weather, the kids are outside playing at least once a day. its nice not to hear kids complaining all the time about it being cold or rainy. as the norwegian saying goes, "no bad weather, only bad clothing". but, when you live in the arctic circle and have winter 8- 10 months a year, i guess you have to tell yourself stuff like that! 

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Merley95 said...

Wow- you are not joking about the "dark winter!" I just got an e-mail from a friend in Antartica who said the sun set for the last time this week and won't set again until April. Just mind-boggling for me!