Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Famous Phoenix

by Gøran Nielsen

by Inge Wahl

The local papparazzi are always after Phoenix! And I LOVE IT! These are just two of the photos I recently received! I think both are great photographers but it does help when the subject is my beautiful Phoenix! Wherever we go people I don´t even know say, "Hi Phoenix!"- the grocery store, the swimming pool, a local event, EVERYWHERE. He was even invited to a cabin for spring break while the rest of us stayed back in town! Yup, he´s famous (at least in this tiny, isolated, depopulated fishing village on the edge of the earth in arctic Norway)!


Gøran said...

Phoenix is just a cool dude, and I will miss him A LOT when you guys leave... Love that little guy:-) and I will hate to see him go.

Sari said...

Precious photos Cortsa. Smiling while reading your post.

So...now to those details about you "leaving"...?

Lynn said...

He's famous at our house too!!! He's SUCH a great kid!