Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Dots, No Dots"

Ok, so I know that he really just says "N...Dah" and "Ya...Dah" but I still think this is a HUGE deal!!! He´s actually communicating using spoken language! And I wasn´t even trying to get him to say anything. We were just separating the puzzle pieces and often times I DO say "Dots, No Dots" but this time I didn´t so HE DID!!! I have noticed so many more "words" this week including green truck, toot toot chugga chugga and shake. This is soooooooo exciting!!!

I have recently started using strategies from the book Play to Talk. For example, I talk a lot LESS and WAIT a lot longer for him to respond in any verbal way, then I imitate his response and try to keep the dialogue going as long as possible. I must admit, it is so FUN because he loves that I "speak" his language and it allows him opportunities to practice verbalizing and learns that making sounds gets a reaction. I highly recommend this book because the strategies are easily adaptable and its all about respecting where you´re child is at instead of constantly thinking about where they SHOULD be. Check out the website.


tekeal said...

yeah!! go phoenix! that's great :-)

GnsFotos said...

Kor arti..:-)