Monday, March 22, 2010

Sleeping Outside




My friends in the US never really believe me when I tell them that in Norway the babies take their naps outside in their strollers, even in the winter. Here is Tiago sleeping on the back deck. Even in the daycares the strollers are lined up outside during nap time.

STEP ONE- EVERYONE in Norway knits! So when your baby is born they usually receive an adorable hand-knit outfit. Tiago´s is a hand-me-down but you can see much cuter outfits herefor example.

STEP TWO- Put the baby in the sleeping bag (usually made of warm lambswool or down) in the stroller.

STEP THREE- Place netting over the stroller to keep out the snow and wild animals and then a rain cover. Roll the stroller outside, double-check that the baby monitor is on and let your little one enjoy a nap out in the fresh air!


Amanda said...

Ha! He looks so adorable...and obviously likes it! Any idea the rationale behind this custom? Just curious, I know my kids are always happier when outside but I haven't managed to get themtonap out there:)

Merley95 said...

Can I just say, after having helped dress your kids last winter, that "Step One" is actually more like Steps 1 thru10! It's all about the layering! :)