Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving in Norway

DAH! Of course they don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Norway. Or at least they have no right to. Actually today on the Norwegian news they did a story about a Norwegian family celebrating Thanksgiving. They had a turkey and the dad came in the room and said, "Happy Thanksgiving"in English. LAME! Get your own holidays and your own language! They've also started to celebrate Halloween here too, but it too is LAME because only a small portion of the population celebrate it and some are even against and look down on those who celebrate it. We didn't get a single trick-or-treater. (OK, I'm not naive. I know a lot of America's holidays are imports from elsewhere but those people actually live in America!)

All 3 of the boys in our house have been throwing up and/or had loose stools all week so I forgot about planning a Turkey Day Feast. Truth be told, we have no $ and had to borrow $20 from Phoenix's savings to buy milk today. It's not that bad, Ben's paycheck will be in our account in 2 days. (Part of the problem is that it took 4 months to get my work permit so I have yet to get a paycheck. But it will be 4-months worth when I do get it!).

So our Thanksgiving consisted of fiskegrantang and vafler (so Norwegian!) and 3 things we were thankful for today

Ben said
1- the phone call from his friend in prison
2- that this same friend was allowed to leave prison to visit his dying mother
3- our family

I said
1- that Rio didn't puke today
2- that Connie sent a thoughtful text message to me
3- our family

Maybe I'll blow Ben's paycheck on a turkey and all the trimmings after all! We'll see. But I need more family and a football game and a parade for it to really feel like Thanksgiving. Ah, traditions are good!

I did get to skype with my parents, brother and his lovely wife who made a fabulous feast. Oh how my mouth watered as I read what was on the meny!!!! But my favorite was when my soon-to-be-41 year old brother stuck his nose in the camera and we could see his nose hairs! DON'T GROW UP SCOTT! 

Thanksgiving = best FOOD holiday. MISS YA AMERICA.


tekeal said...

hey girl- happy thanksgiving! even though as a canadian i'm more connected to it happening in october- and actually did a first thanksgiving dinner in bern with friends this year- i still know there are alot of people celebrating right now. and i had to giggle at the borrowing-money-from-your-kids'-collection-til-paycheck-time... been there too!
i was away last week with rehearsals and performances (one of the things i do for work: contemporary dancer), but always like hearing from you, so thanks for your message.i wrote a funny little poem yesterday, it just popped out in its own strange way. more to come soon, i'm sure... take care, tekeal xx

Merley95 said...

It's so funny how our traditions stick with us even when we are far away. We didn't think we'd do "Thanksgiving" but found ourselves buying a turkey after all. Really missed our families yesterday but we are so appreciative of their love. Hope everyone is on the mend at your house and you can enjoy a quiet weekend! Love,Jackie

Sari said...

Happy Tgiving everyone! Umm, Yaya and I had fresh donuts from the meninite bakery as we rested by the roaring fire... and though at the time it was simply wonderful, it was lonely. :(

But, we have much to be thankful for and I feel you sister about the piggy bank money.

Much love.

The Milroy Family said...

Happy Thanksgiving Cortina, Ben, Phoenix and Rio! We miss you! Kisses and hugs from Kori, Colin and Georgie

Christina said...

Hey There!

First of all, do you have msn or FB? If so add me; I am under christina molin on FB and cmolin 77 @ on msn :-)

Then your questions:
We chose to go without an aide cause i really do not think Vincent needs one now. He is in a group of 11 kids and always 3,5 barnpedagoger. The half one has a whole body but she goes between the 2 groups.
At his day care the kids are 1-3 years old.
In kindergarten I think we might go without one too. Cause the way it works in Austria is that then you have to go to this special day care where they lump a few special needs kids up and then share resources. I do not believe that would benefit my kid any better.
I am also afraid that Vincent does not get enough challanges if he has someone helping him out at all times.

Vincent has always been pretty 'high functioning' and sometimes we have had to work hard to get therapies approved (paid) for for him. My point to every one has been YES he does marvellous, but it is because we challange him all the time, and he likes it. He has always liked his therapies and he has never disagreed to them. If he did, I would stop asap.

He has been geeting EI Services since he was about 6 weeks old. OT maybe? It is called Früförderung which directly translates into EI. Anyways, a person comes home to us once a week for 90 minutes.
He also had PT fr 8mo till about 20 months. We had to stop when he learned to walk. (We milked it a few extra time, cause our PT was just amazing). He goes to a logopedin every 2 weeks and he has ergo therapi once a week now.

Wow. I wrote an essay :-D

Have a great day!

Holiman said...

This year we didn't get to celebrate thanksgiving because I was in the Hospital. But we have Thanksgiving in our house every year. Hope to get to know you soon.

Kirsten (Kenth’s wife)