Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rio's girly hat

Rio's great grandma on his dad's side really wants a grand daughter. She is OFTEN buying Rio especially girls clothes (in my opinion)- a pink striped turtleneck, a turquoise shirt with pink lettering, a turquoise jacket with hearts, this hat...among other things...sorry, not trying to say that boys in blue and girls in pink is the law...i LOVE my hubby in his pink polo or pink tie, but that's different!

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Melanie-Pearl said...

he is a total pumpkin---i'm surprised you can get him to keep the hat on!

i can't imagine dressing kids for the arctic weather. cody just asked chloe today if she ever wears her coat or if she just plans on carrying it her whole life. duh. eleven year olds are sooooooooo cool.