Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have been seriously missing in action lately despite the fact that I have plenty posts written in my head. I hope to be able to share more about our life soon, but here are the reasons that I´ve been MIA.

1- My husband has become a hard-working, fish-stinking dock laborer for the short capelin fish season. This was his schedule the past 3 days:

Monday- 7am- 11pm
Tuesday- 7am- 3pm then a 12-hour shift starting at 8pm
Wednesday- finished his 12-hour shift at 8am and then went back to work 2pm-9pm

So hubby is not home very often making me quite exhausted at the end of the day. What should I do then? Grocery shop, work out, clean, fill out job applications, blog, sleep??? You get the picture!

2- My heart if heavy with indecision. We have been living in BÃ¥tsfjord temporarily with a plan to move this "spring". We´re leaning towards moving back to Chicago but we haven´t totally committed ourselves yet and it is frustrating to go back-and-forth and to doubt each other. Plus, we´re being encouraged to stay here and I get emotionally exhausted trying to "defend" why I want to move from here while at the same time not hurting anyone´s feelings.

Overall, I want to be more thankful because when I pause for the moment
L I F E I S G O O D!


tekeal said...

follow your heart and your gut...and take care of yourself! xx

Lynn said...

Take care of yourself is a great suggestion. You know what is right when it comes down to it. You are wise, loving, courageous, and TOUGH. I could never take being a "single mom" for so long. It's time you THRIVE and not just survive.
I love you, Cort. You are such a devoted mother and wife.
love you so much it hurts. :)

Sari said...

Cortsa, we are praying for you and your family to make the right decision for all of you. I would love to throw in my two cents but will refrain at this time and just tell you that you are all very much loved.

Miss hearing about your days but the most important thing is that you watch over yourself and your boys - we will be as patient as we need to be to hear from you. Don't worry, we are not going anywhere :)

I love you dear friend and know that you have much on your hands and heart. Sending you peace and grace and strength in Jesus's name.