Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We visit and take a picture at this cafe every time we are in Stockholm.

I have the best husband in the world for so many reasons. But most recently he took care of the boys while I traveled solo for 5 days to visit my dear friend Viola.

God has blessed my life with amazing friends from around the world such that neither time nor distance seems to affect our friendships. Viola is no exception. We haven't seen each other in 7 years and haven't lived on the same continent for a decade. Still, we have always kept in contact. Usually when we call each other one of us says, "I was just about to call you!". It is so wonderful.

Viola lives in Stockholm and I have visited her or we have travelled together often through the city in between one of our many hitchhiking trips in Europe. So I have probably been to Stockholm 2o times. Thus, I was there to see Viola and not the city.

It was an inspiring, reflective and restful trip. I was inspired by Viola and her gorgeous apartment. We reflected over the years of our friendship, the big changes in our recent lives and laughed and appreciated the good old days. In terms of rest, sleeping until 10 am, using hours to eat breakfast and get ready and low expectations like getting a good latte and cinnamon roll. I WAS IN ANOTHER WORLD and for the moment it was glorious! I appreciated it while simultaneously not desiring that life. But, hey, it is the PERFECT life when you need a vacation!!!

Stockholm is only 5 hours from Oslo so I really look forward to moving there and being near Viola.


tekeal said...

man oh man that kind of vacation sounds heavenly!!! today i treated myself to a 1&1/2 hr. thai massage, which was pretty great too... take care, xx tekeal

Melanie-Pearl said...

Glad you got some respite time. That photo is great!

Anonymous said...

Now THAT sounds like a Mommy's vacation to me! So happy you got away for a couple of days. Sweet hubby of yours is such a good guy :)

Miss you and hearing from you.

Merley95 said...

We saw this cafe! On the square in Gamla Stan, right? So funny because I said to Aaron, "I think I can read the word 'chocolate' in any language." That is what it says, isn't it? :)