Sunday, May 10, 2009

Changes 2

So Ben did get fired after all, although illegally. Ben went to the union and told him the reason that he was getting let-go and they agreed to take his case. Ben's boss offered him a deal and the case was settled out of court. Yes, a dramatic and sad ending to a job that Ben sincerely loved, but in a way it works out perfectly with our desire to move to south Norway.

So we'll be out of Tromsø in July and back in Båtsfjord until Ben finds a job. (Ugh, part of me doesn't like that idea- don't want to get stuck in that little place.) Who knows where I'll give birth! Maybe I'll finally get to take the private plane to the hospital! And it will be berry-picking season in Båtsfjord. Plus, Ben's sister will be visiting again. All good stuff.

We are both excited about starting another chapter in this Norway adventure. Makes us feel free-spirited and spontaneous even though we will soon have 3 kids! Where will we live and work? Who will we befriend? Will we get to travel more often since we'll be down south? Who will come visit? Still, settling down (wow, are those words coming out of my mouth?) and planting roots somewhere could be equally fun...

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Merley95 said...

Wow- lots of drama! You sound calm as you face all these changes and I hope that reflects a peace in your heart. These are hard lessons for Aaron and me but we are learning to love the unexpectedness of life's adventures too!