Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring Fever

So it is light 24 hours a day now and will be for about 3 months (don't forget that means we have 3 months of darkness too, but lets not think about that). You would think it was summer here. Our kids run around half-naked and take their baths outside. It is actually only 55F here but after 6 months of winter we'll take it! The weather really is fantastic, sunny and warm on your face (if you can get away from the cool breeze). The kids are outside all the time and it is fun and to run around with them.

Milestones- The boys have been talking a little more. Phoenix's vocabulary consists of "mama", "ice", "Rio" and "boobs" (he's always looking down my shirt so...). Rio says "mama", "papa" (actually he only whispers the word- it is so cute!), "barnehage" (daycare in Norwegian) and "China" (he has panda bears on his pajamas). It's fun to dream that someday Rio might study panda bears in China and that Phoenix will work as a field hand on a farm- he knows so many animal signs and puts on his cowboy outfit and boots at least once a day! Or he might be a Wiggle! He even made up his own sign for The Wiggles. Kind of annoying because he signs it all day and then wants us to put a DVD on for him. But my biggest dream for Phoenix is that one day he would sing the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley Field. We sing it every time he wears one of his many Cubs shirts!

Other than that, things are kind of coming to a close around here. We move out June 30 and now its time to tie up loose ends, fit in seeing everyone one last time and trying to do the tourist things we talk about doing but haven't done.


tekeal said...

hey, your life certainly doesn't seem boring! how's your pregnancy feeling? what does that do to the psyche to have such extremes of light and dark? come play with us some day, ok??

Ashley L said...

Awee Cortina, that is so adorable! Love the part about the 7th inning stretch!!!