Sunday, September 14, 2008

Døgnvill Music Festival, Tromsø

50 cent and G-Unit came out in Marine outfits

The venue was so small and were really close to the stage

Ben and I were looking forward to Døgnvill Music Festival ("døgnvill" means when you get your days and nights mixed up) ever since we heard that 50 cent was playing. We could not believe that he would come all the way to the arctic circle to play in 38F weather for this "city" of only 60,000 for a bunch a Norwegians who have no clue what words like "ghetto, projects" mean. We had to be there to see this!

The line up included people like Samantha Foxx, Limahl ("The Never Ending Story") Duolva Duottar (Sami people- the indigenous people of northern Norway, they still heard reindeer- rapping) and a couple really good Norwegian bands. Kaizers was by far the best performance of the night. 

We only got to go the festival on Friday. But Saturday's line up included the Sex Pistols and Travis. 

One really cool part of the festival was that so many families were there! I mean newborns from 2 months (they had them in their baby bjørns or sleeping on the outskirts of the lawn in their big buggies) to teenagers hanging out with their parents.  It was really a cool atmosphere on the top of the island surrounded by mountains. 

These were my favorite Norwegian artists...and the hilarious Sami rappers:

Ida Maria "Oh My God"

Kaizers Orchestra "Enden av November"

Here is a video from FIDDY's official website about the show here in Norway. There's some good footage of Tromsø. It is hilarious to see them at our local Burger King and complaining about how expensive everything is here!

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