Sunday, August 31, 2008

Phoenix's first 5k

Go Phoenix!

Aw, he looks so small!

Looking forward to many more medals!

Ok, it was a point .5k , not a 5k, but it doesn't matter. We are so proud of him! He had had a fever the night before and was a little under the weather and hadn't napped, but he persevered and completed the race!

It was called the Hamna Race. Our little part of the island, which is a bit isolated from the rest, is called  Hamna. It is inhabitated mainly by families. There are 4 decent-sized daycares, one huge one and numerous home daycares all within 5 minutes of each other- and still there are waiting lists! So there were plenty of kids competing and lots of family-oriented events all day- from free breakfast to music and grilling down by the shore. It was a really fun day spent with our family and neighbors. 


Sari said...

GO PHOENIX! Oh he looks like such a bog boy with his medal!!!

It sounds like an all around wonderful day when's the snow coming...and can we have some too????? :O)

XOXOX Hugs from warm SC

livia-the-great said...

hi. i just found your site... i'm originally canadian but have been living in bern, switzerland for many years and my daughter, livia, also has DS. phoenix looks like a cutie!


Syncopa said...

Geez, how cute is that??!! Wish I could've been there to cheer him along the way. Give those little boys a hug from me, will you?