Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fantastic fall

The view from Tromsø's highest point

Trying to get the kids to pose for a picture!

Trying to get them both to smile is another thing!

Phoenix on the way down

The mornings are full of pink light...I love the contrast of the snow and fall foliage. 

I've had this post in my head for 2 weeks now, when "fantastic fall" was actually appropriate. As of now, it has been raining hard for 3 days and it has been cold and rainy. We're very used to living by the Norwegian modo "no bad weather, only bad clothing" but in this weather it is hard to enjoy being outside. But back to 2 weeks ago...

It was a perfect autumn day. The sun was warm on our backs as we hiked to the highest point on Tromsø island Varden (means stack of rocks). We took the kids in the stroller most of the way and then left it on the trail so that Phoenix could hike the last part on his own. It was steep and took maybe 30 -40 minutes but he did it all on his own! It was awesome! And the fall foliage was at its best- lots of yellows, reds and brown!!! Gorgeous! I will autumn lasted longer!

That night we saw another fascinating wonder of September, the northern lights. I had butterflies in my stomach, feeling so blessed to be allowed to live and experience life in the arctic circle. 


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