Friday, October 1, 2010


Two Perfect Little Angels!

We Can Do No Harm!

The Reality- Double Trouble!

Off topic- This is what Phoenix had gotten out of the fridge and planned to have for breakfast!

I found out what a CODE YELLOW was last week. I took the three boys to Target. I figured we had a large gap of time and I had very few items to purchase so I figured this would be a successful trip despite being outnumbered 3 to 1! Phoenix and Rio were very excited about the seating arrangement of the cart (they could sit next to each other) and Tiago was just as excited about sitting in the basket part! There was one problem, the straps kept coming undone so Phoenix and Rio were got loose! They were actually very well behaved. I was impressed. When they strayed too far from me they came back and had fun playing and laughing amongst the clothes rack. And then suddenly Phoenix was gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rio and I thought we heard his "Dah, dah, dah" but we couldn't find him. I found a sales associate and they radioed over the walkie talkies "Code Yellow", which means they lock all the doors (so that no one leaves with your child) and do a sweep of the store aisle-by-aisle. The lock down part helped me not freak out. They didn't find him right away, but eventually he was found 2 feet away from where I had been standing looking at the clearance rack. He was hiding between the boxes of car seats!!!

Even crazier was that as soon as he was found, RIO TOOK OFF! And they had to call out another "Code Yellow". Now I was completely embarrassed of the behavior of my kids. Luckily, we found him almost right away. What was he doing? Hiding. WOW! I'm amazed at how quickly Rio made the connection "I hide. I get attention."

From now on, before we enter the store, two rules are reviewed.
1- Stay close to Mama and/or Papa.
2- No hiding!


tekeal said...

oh my goodness!! sounds like you handled it well :-) hope you're well. xxx tekeal

Cheri said...

OH MY GOODNESS your boys are just beautiful!!