Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tiago's birth

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If you didn’t see these pictures on facebook already here is the newest edition to our family…introducing Tiago Amante Nystad, born 4 august, 4060g/9pds, 53cm/21in.

Since I was 10 days overdue I was sent to the hospital for a check-up. The hospital is 3 hours away so I was fearful that they would make me stay there and induce me. That is what happened with Rio as I was 12 days overdue and it led to complications in his birth, a long recovery on my part and a little depression.

Ben and I took this amazing CRUISE SHIP to the hospital. We don’t have a car so this was one of our options. We were excited to have a night to ourselves enjoying the onboard luxuries like the outdoor Jacuzzi, the views of the midnight sun, sleeping in and a big breakfast. However, my contractions started only one hour after we boarded the ship. That was exciting!

When we pulled into the final port at Kirkenes, I was in transition. I was laboring infront of all the German tourists. I must have been quite a scene! The ambulance picked us up at the dock and when I arrived at the hospital I was full dialated!!!

It was a great birth with lots of help and support from Ben. But I must admit that I’m a screamer when it comes to pain and I know that Ben was just laughing his butt off behind my back!!! I’m thankful he hid it from me!

Now we are in MAJOR ADJUSTMENT period. Tiago's big brothers are super sweet with him, but Mom has the guilties. Thank you GOD for my husband. He is so helpful and full of lots of grace! AMEN!


Tricia said...

OH, Yay for Ben! And you! And big brothers! Why are you feeling guilty? I will be thinking of and praying for you ALL as you go through this adjustment! I love and miss you and CONGRATS on beautiful baby number three and AMEN to amazing husbands!

tekeal said...

congratulations... a little late! somehow I missed the update and I've been thinking about you, wondering if your newest cutie is here. I love the name... & what a colorful story to tell about the birth! (mine had a similar screaming section in public- racing thru the old town of bern in a taxi at 3am). hope you're getting lots of help and maybe some sleep... all the best!! hug, tekeal