Thursday, August 13, 2009

well-baby visit

So we're back in Båtsfjord, Ben's childhood home. It is even farther north than Tromsø and much smaller. Yes, we have moved here! I fought it but there are lots of good reasons to stay here for awhile, most importantly, awesome services for Phoenix...and then there is the small town charm.

Yesterday the nurse CAME TO OUR HOUSE to check Tiago and complete his first well-baby visit. I love that after the visit she sat down with the family and ate a piece of cake and we talked about baking! Small town charm...I hope its enough to keep me "happy" living here on the edge of the earth!

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Merley95 said...

Great services for Phoenix all the way up there? Wonders never cease! That's awesome! Small-town life is definitely a big adjustment but you are right, it does have its charms. Enjoy!