Monday, April 20, 2009


I really thought we'd be back in the US in the next year. We had decided that we were thoroughly DONE with "life in the arctic circle". I'm really gung-ho about raising Phoenix in the US, where there is so much support like Gigi's Playhouse, Special Olympics and access to all kinds of therapies. But with the death of Ben's dad a lot has changed.

I'm fine with that. I totally agree with Ben that we need to stick around until Ben's mom is back on her feet. We never even discussed it. We are both on the same page. We had felt the same way about my parents. That was an additional reason for us to move back to the US, to be near my parents who are in their late 70s.

Anyway, now that we're staying around here I'm so homesick! I realize that no matter where we are we will always miss where we have been. But for the moment I am dreaming of Chicago. I yearn for Foster Beach, Clark and Belmont, the beautiful homes of Lincoln Park, our old neighborhood Bucktown, a Cubs game, smelly Wrigleyville the day after, Tre Kronor, etc.

And one more thing...Ben has been on disability since January because of his shoulder surgery (it used to pop out of joint all the time). But in the mean time his boss told him that things are so slow at work that Ben will probably be let go. Which we were kind of EXCITED about! A good reason to move to south to Oslo (no more arctic circle snowstorms in April!). Ben has applied for four jobs in Oslo in the last week. But when he talked to co-workers today they said that they were overwhelmed with the amount of work. He'll find out tomorrow on his first day back!

So in the last month we've gone from moving the US to staying in Norway to moving to Oslo to staying here...and the place we rent is up for sale so we have to move no matter what!

:) ah, life!


Anonymous said...

God must have quite the plan for you guys.. seems as though you are not quite sure which way to turn but trust that He does. There always seems to be a little bit of hussle and bustle before a calm..
I am sad to hear that you won't be back soon but I also know that should the choice ever be ours, we would make the same for our parents. Deep breaths girlfriend. Hold on tight to the knowledge that some doors have to be shut before windows can open.

I love you and miss you all.

Umm, how about some belly pics!

T said...

Well, I am praying for you and missing you! I know you will work everything out. Tre K is going to be on the Food Network, filming starts Friday, wish you could be here!

I loved the pics of Phoenix snowmobiling, I laughed out loud!!

Merley95 said...

Oh- it just doesn't feel comfortable to sit in these places, does it? If you stay in Tromso, I have to bring Aaron back for a visit and see it in the summertime. If you move to Oslo, it is literally just a puddle jump from Hamburg and CHEAP, so we can surely manage a few trips to visit. I refuse to lose you for another ten years! :) Speaking of which, let's talk soon. It would be so easy to plan a Skype date in the same time zone!