Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I've been home in the States since Thursday, February 12. I decided to surprise my dad on his 79th birthday. Neither of my parents knew that Rio and I were coming. My parents were out to dinner with my brother for the occassion and we just walked in casually with my sister-in-law. It wasn't before I was inches away from the table that the realized it was me! It was so fun to surprise them! And then drop the bomb that I'm pregnant too! My mom looked like she'd seen a ghost when she saw me and Rio. I'll post pictures soon.

Its just me and Rio because we're saving money to move back to the US eventually so Ben and Phoenix (since his ticket cost 80% of an adult ticket) stayed behind. I miss them...


Melanie-Pearl said...

Yay! So glad you pulled it off! Relish your time-

BTW,You can expect the package via by UPS tonight.

Sari said...

I had chills just reading your post. Happy Birthday to your Dad and welcome back! I have to say that I am happy to hear the reason the boys stayed behind though of course not happy that they did(hope that made sense). We will officially be in Chesapeake VA as of May - the end of the school year so we will be neighbors almost if you head back to Chicago-neighbors definitely compared to the distance now :)

I hope you are having a wonderfully peaceful time with your family. Take care of you. Love to you all.