Friday, July 19, 2013

New surroundings- Oslo

We've been renting an apartment in Oslo for the month with the plan to move here, but, alas, northern Norway calls. We will be moving back to Båtsfjord on August 8 and we'll spend the next year there while we wait for Ben's green card to be processed. Still, we've had a GREAT time in Oslo!

We've done a lot of touristy things while here, liking visiting this Oslo landmark-
Holmenkollen ski jump. 

This is the view from our apartment. We have seen many amazing "sunsets" (this is the land of the midnight sun so the sun is only down for a very short time) and skies from this view. We can even see Holmenkollen from our window!

 This is the most popular beach in Oslo, called Huk, on an island in Oslo called Bygdøy. The boys love playing in the sand and swimming. I, personally, want to come here every day!

Warm day- cold, yet refreshing ocean swim! Me and Phoenix!

City slickers!

Another one of our favorites- Vigeland Sculpture Park, over 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and wrought iron. It is the world's largest sculpture park by a single artist.

Found a 4th of July party in Oslo with an American Hot Rods car show. 

Our little Vikings (with new haircuts). 

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