Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Babies, An Acquired taste

One that is unpleasant on immediate experience or is likeable only after being experienced repeatedly.

I was trying to explain to Ben what this expression meant and I told him it was like learning to like red wine or espresso. Am I comparing my relationship with my children to food items that need to be tasted a few times before you like them? Well, yes, at least the baby stage. I always said that I wanted my kids to pop out at age 2. Babies, no thank you. They don't do anything but cry, right? When people used to ask me if I wanted to hold their baby I always said no. Before Phoenix was born I had only held 2 babies in my life- one like 10 years prior and another one THE DAY BEFORE Phoenix was born (I truly believe that lingering baby smell is what started the labor!). So babies have never been my thing! I received a baby shower card which said, Thank God they don't come out as high schoolers. But since I've been a high school teacher I didn't think that sounded all that bad...and then came baby number three, Tiago.

I'm not dissing Phoenix or Rio. I'm just totally enamored with Tiago! He is after all, our last. More importantly, however, I think its the first time I actually know how to appreciate a baby now that I have been substantially exposed to them! This is what I'm thinking. With Phoenix, he was our first. We were clueless about babies AND Down Syndrome, which led to general parenting insecurities and worries, plus, having to "work" so much with Phoenix on his therapies. Baby number two, Rio, nearly ruined me! The transition from one to two (and moving to Norway, a new city in Norway, during the darkest time of the year, no Down Syndrome network, etc.). A friend and I seriously considered writing a book called, When 2 Feels Like 10, because we just couldn't believe that no one had warned us about this! (By the way, we both have 3 boys now.) Those were seriously the most depressing days of my life and it lasted months...and then came baby number three, Tiago.

Tiago is by no means a perfect baby. As a newborn he was awake all the time, had terrible gas and cried for hours, hated the car seat, nursed non-stop for hours, and still HATES sleeping at night. But, oh my gosh, I think he's the cutest thing in the whole wide world! I could hold him all day if I let myself. I think he's so handsome and so strong and I am just utterly and completely enamored by him...and, like red wine, I appreciate this baby .


tekeal said...

he is the cutest thing in the world! and he looks like you..:-) nice to read your words. happy new year! hugs, tekeal

Frangeo said...

Cortina he is gorgeous! He looks so much like both of you. Great post! We have had a pretty hard time adjusting form 1 baby to 2, and I can't even imagine having 3. You are such an amazing mama!


Angela said...

Tina - I love reading these posts. I'm in the process of adjusting to 2 and have a hard time with it at times. I can relate to a lot of what you say - but am also equally enamored with my new little guy. I think no one warns you about the realities of 1 and no one told me about 2 either!

Dana said...

Love reading your insightful blog entries! Makes me miss you guys even more! I cant even FATHOM having any other kids in addition to my baby. I think I would implode! I dont know how anyone does it!

Sari said...

Oh Cortsa, you make the make the most beautiful babies.
I look at your boys and see so much of their father in Phoenix and Rio but this one, your babe Tiago, to me, looks just like you.
Relish in the time you have with him. As you perfectly know, it all goes by so very fast. There will be young ladies hearts breaking all over when your three boys become young men..! ..and that will be here before you know it.
- I am a little sad to hear that he is your last one, butin case you two baby-makers change your mind,I have something little, pink, reserved just in case ;)

I love you dear friend and I love reading your thoughts. You are such a good Mommy and I marvel at your strength. Praying for you all.

Love, Us

Sarah said...

See why God gave you this third, beautiful son? Blessed by you my friend!