Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Better than Vigeland

"Angry boy"

Phoenix is much more interesting to these Japanese tourist than the sculptures!

Yes, they all wanted individual pictures with the boys!

Phoenix had another idea! A Wiggles dance instead!

Taken in the park by Daddy.

Oslo is home to an amazing sculpture park. Vigeland Park is the largest park of its kind made by one single artist in the world. Covering over 80 acres, Vigeland's lifework contains more than 200 works in bronze, granite and wrought iron.

All that is to say that while surrounded by this spectacular artwork, a group of Japanese tourists stopped to take a ton of pictures of OUR KIDS!!! I guess they thought it was cute that they were walking around the park in their matching rubber boots with a blue guitar in hand. I am especially proud that even though Phoenix looks different they still wanted to take pictures of him. I laughed so hard at the spectacle that I cried!!!

Here are more images from the park:

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Sarah said...

Cortina, I just found your blog today and have been looking through it! I'll be a devoted reader and fan! Nice to see your adventures and your lovely family...hope you are all well!