Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Moving SUCKS!

Not if it means you get to watch The Wiggles all day!

We lived like this the whole last week before our move.

AND I DIDN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING! I am so blessed because my mother-in-law and Ben did all the packing. I tried to watch the kids, but being near the end of my pregnancy and short on energy and patience, The Wiggles did most of the baby sitting.

But isn't packing just one of the worst things in the whole world? Even if you're going on a fantastic vacation it still sucks, I think. In our case, we're packing and still don't know where we'll be UNpacking. We're at Ben's mom's house for the moment but have a goal of being in southern Norway by September 1st. But Ben doesn't have a job and we might just end up closing our eyes and putting our finger on the map and moving there!!!

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Tricia said...

Hi there!
When are you due? Are you still having trouble viewing my blog?